Short stories

Today, we picked random characters, settings, problems and solutions to write funny short stories. Mrs shillibeer was looking for powerful adjectives, relative and subordinate clauses, scene setting and some direct speech. 

The children used the ‘Storytelling chair’ and props to tell their stories. 



Year 5 ‘Quick Sticks’ 2.3.17

Year 5 were fantastic during the ‘Quick sticks’ competition at Rickmansworth High School. We played against Royal Masonic, Yorke Mead, Ricky Park and little Green. Well done to everyone who took part. Some of us are through to the next round. 



Science investigations in Class 5 

We found out what happens when we mixed the following pair of ingredients together: 

Bicarbonate of soda with vinegar; water and cooking oil; brown sugar and water; bicarbonate of soda and cooking oil. 

We also planned and wrote a science investigation to find out which type of sugar dissolved the fastest……